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11,700 hectares of revegetation in Western Australia‚Äôs wheatbelt Banksia Foundation

AusCarbon wins first forest credits The West Australian

What others say about us

As a farming neighbour, I would like to commend your company for the way you conduct your biodiversity carbon operation in our Bowgada district in the Midwest of WA.

I have tried at times to grow trees to help get rid of our salt problem, and also for wind breaks for our livestock, but have not achieved the success you have had on such a broad scale.

The work your company has carried out to revegetate large areas will be of great benefit to our property and other adjoining neighbours, especially in helping to rehabilitate the salt affected valley floors. In particular I note the work undertaken to rehabilitate a severely degraded 43 hectare salt area near Lochada Road.

Auscarbon is also to be commended for its employment of local workers and contractors and its very diligent action to control vermin on its properties to the benefit of all farmers in the area.

I wish you all the best for continued success and I look forward to continue working with you as a neighbour in the future.

Dene Solomon (Perangery Pastoral Co.)